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Pass It On February 22, 2010

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Photo Courtesy of Diane Segawa McGirr

The point is not to pay back kindness, but to pass it on.

Julia Alvarez

As I prepare to be “out of my element” in another country, I am keenly aware of my current discomfort regarding a major element of this process: fundraising.

I have to admit that directly asking people for money feels awkward to me and presses against my natural inclination to be in control.

It’s actually a rather brilliant setup, because it pushes me toward a place of trust that I rarely am forced to experience. To be honest, I don’t like the feeling much. I know that going to Peru will be incredible and full of discomfort and being out of my comfort zone. It would appear that the journey is offering me growth opportunities too.

Currently, I have raised $0 out of  $2800 and I am hopeful and do anticipate your kindnesses. I may not be able to pay you back, but your gifts will enable me to pass it on.

Please consider supporting me financially. To donate a gift, please visit the “How To Connect” link above.


3 Responses to “Pass It On”

  1. Gloria Rose Says:

    Hi Lorissa – love your blog and Peru project. What is the date you need your funds by? (Hi to Matt) Gloria

    • rissabell Says:

      Hi Gloria! SOOO good to hear from you. How are you? I miss seeing you around. Maybe we could grab coffee sometime…? I am hoping to have funds right away so that I can pay for a plane ticket. The only amount with a deadline is my program fees which are due by 4/1.

  2. Tiffany Baker Says:

    I SOOO know what you mean about being forced to trust and you’re right, I think that is a big part of this experience for you! I’m proud of you. =)

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