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Gathering Support and Love to send Lorissa to Peru

The Maximum Level February 24, 2010

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As I mentioned in a previous post, my trip this summer is organized through a parent agency, Global Volunteers Network. They are the larger non-profit that communicates my interests and abilities with their smaller network of agencies with needs for volunteers. My host agency in Peru will be Maximo Nivel (click link).

About a week after being accepted by GVN, I received a welcome email from Maximo Nivel with introductions and details about my trip and stay with them. The MN staff will pick me up from the airport and provide an orientation, teach me how to use the Cuzco public transportation to and from the orphanage, provide housing, meals and spanish classes.

Photo belongs to Jano de Cesare

Maximo Nivel means “highest level” in Spanish. MN is primarily a language immersion center offering language classes, training and further certifications for teachers. They provide both Spanish classes for foreign students and english classes for local Peruvians. They are dedicated to helping people live and work internationally and providing support for the needs of the people in Peru with a tandem language and cultural immersion experience for people like me!


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