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Dinner Plate meets Offering Plate March 10, 2010

Filed under: Inspiration — rissabell @ 10:14 pm

So many of you out there (and you know who you are…) are not only talented and generous, but can whip up a mean plate of grub. I’m talking anything from creamy mashed potatoes, tender pork loin and crunchy fresh salad to gooey chocolate chip cookies and home made pie.

I bet you didn’t know that those same delicious meals could be a fun and easy way to raise money and provide meals to hungry people.

Photo belongs to: swardraws (flickr)

One fun and interesting promotion I’ve uncovered is called Eat So They Can (click link). The basic idea is simple: host a dinner with two or three other couples, asking each person to give $10-$15 and then donate the money to the organizations in need.  Eat So They Can specifically supports the Global Volunteer Network Foundation, which provides money to hundreds of agencies around the world.

Benefeast (click link) is similar network, providing connections between you and the frontline agencies, and allowing you to specifically select a non-profit to support.

What a fun and easy way to give money, have fun with friends and, of course, to show off your hosting and culinary skills…mmmmm….invite me!


One Response to “Dinner Plate meets Offering Plate”

  1. Nicole Says:

    Um… WHAT A GREAT IDEA!!!!!

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