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Artist Debut: Tina Will March 16, 2010

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Ode to sun moon stars by Tina Will

I approached Tina on Esty after seraching through local artists. I really felt that her illustrations were fun and lively and expressive. I was delighted when Tina agreed to give a donation to the Art Exchange!

Tina Will is an illustrator who has been creating and drawing since she was young. She loves shapes and lines, dots and color and is inspired by even the most simple daily circumstances and objects. She is German and recently moved to Denver. She has a recent exhibit entitled “Path and Snow” which is being shown at the Tallyn’s Reach library in connection with the city of Aurora’s fine art program: Here is a link to her Website (click link) which includes more about her art, her blog and how to contact her.

As you’ll see, the art pieces she is donating to the fundraiser bring out her playful and free personality. Here are photos of the two pieces that will be up for bid at the art exchange.

Ice Sculpture by Tina Will

Ice Sculpture by Tina Will

Ode to sun moon stars by Tina Will

You’ll find these pieces when you arrive on April 16th, and you may even be so lucky as to meet her in person.

If you just can’t wait to buy something for yourself, please see more of her work, at her Etsy site (click link).

My special thanks to Tina and stay tuned for more artist debuts!


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