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Artist Highlight: Finland March 31, 2010

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Graphic belongs to Finland

Allow me to introduce…Finland!

Finland is an Indie Rock band originally formed in 2005.  They have a mellow, innovative sound with inspiring lyrics. Their current members include:

Joshua Fleenor on vocals and guitar
David Albani on guitar,keys, and bells
Lev rocking out on bass,keys and bells
Adam Winn on drums

Lev is my dear friend’s brother-in-law and as it would happen, he is also the band’s bass player! Lev and his family recently moved to Colorado from Florida. (And yes, I have met him–I know you’re jealous.)

Two copies of Finland’s latest albums “Awake, Arise the Great Untouchable” will be available at the art exchange fundraiser on April 16th.

Here is a link to some samples of their great music (click link to listen).


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