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Artist Highlight: Laura Hubber April 4, 2010

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To send light into the darkness of men’s hearts –

such is the duty of the artist.


Photo belongs to Laura Hubber

Laura Hubber is an talented and inspiring writer, painter and photographer. She challenges herself to make art a daily part of her life in her daily perspective blog (click link). She is passionate about making art and dreams of using her creations to enrich people’s lives. Laura excels at instilling and encouraging others to be creative and move in an artistic rhythm.

Laura dreams of making art for a living, helping non-profits raise money with art (and people like me!) and opening a unique gallery:

“…but i have never wanted it to just be about my art. I want it to change lives. I believe that art is a powerful tool to reflect reality and possibility and influence perspectives for positive change… I also want to start a gallery of sorts for everyday artists. Seniors. Kids. The amazing artists you see on the streets. Everyone has a voice. I want to help people share their voice and change lives.”

Photo belongs to Laura Hubber

Laura is currently starting her art business in the Portland Oregon area and is getting started with an Esty site soon.

I was inspired when Laura agreed to donate some of her photography to the fundraiser. The best part is that her pictures are from her own Peru travels. Laura and her sister recently trekked throughout the country in pure fairy godmother style, handing out art supplies to the children they came across along the way. Laura is already enriching the world with her creativity and art. Now (with your help) she will be a part of making my trip possible, too. (Thanks, Laura!)

Photo belongs to Laura Hubber


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