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Party! April 24, 2010

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Here are a few photos from the Peru Party Fundraiser event last weekend. Taking photos completely slipped my mind in all the planning and I am honestly quite sad about that. Thankfully, my friend Lashley took a few and here they are! Matt and I have a few more that I’ll post later (our computer crashed along with them!)

The party was a true success complete with about 60 guests, live jazz piano music, beautiful hand made paper decorations, pretty lights inside and out, a table full of food including yummy quesadillas, black beans and rice, sangria, Sierra Nevada, cookies and brownies, and a huge table full of art items for sale. I raised about $700 that night between guest donations at the door and art items sold. It was really quite a lovely night…all that I’d hoped it would be!

A very special thanks to my wonderful party planners: Kristin McClellan, Cristy Zeier and Hilary Jane Hilton!


2 Responses to “Party!”

  1. Dixie Zerr Says:

    I am So happy for you that you have reached your fundraising goal. What a relief for you! Now, you can concentrate on the adventure itself!! Your party sounded like so much fun – would have loved to have been able to attend!!
    Thinking of you guys often – Love You!
    Aunt Dixie

  2. Aunt Brenda Says:

    Way to go Lorissa! Special blessings are upon you in this quest! Love the info and pictures. Thankful your fundraising has been successful….that in itself was a “leap of faith” my dear! Thinking of you and Matt with lots of love!
    Aunt Brenda

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