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Provision April 24, 2010

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“We should give as we would receive, cheerfully, quickly, and without hesitation; for there is no grace in a benefit that sticks to the fingers”.  ~Seneca

Photo belongs to Lashley Rhodes

My fundraising experience has been quite exceptional. Exactly 2 months ago I stood at the edge of a $2800 goal and felt more than a little anxious about the idea of waiting for provision. Little by little the checks started coming in the mail, the packages of art donations, the pay pal emails saying “You’ve got money”  as well as a fabulous party (pictures coming soon) and now I have an excess of more than I need!

I’m finding a beautiful response taking place within my heart. The benefits that once “stuck to my fingers” as Seneca puts it, now seem to slide off with ease. The anxiety and doubt has been lifted and the provision has arrived.

This weekend I will go to the Peruvian Hearts annual fundraising dinner and auction and will excitedly donate some of the extra money I’ve raised and it will go directly to benefit the orphans in Peru. Not only have I received provision for my trip, but provision is soon arriving for some Peruvian children, too.


One Response to “Provision”

  1. Tiffany Baker Says:

    This is really, really beautiful, Lorissa.
    Praise God for provision, for transformed hearts, and for FABULOUS parties! Love you!

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